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I am a web-app designer/developer, co-founder at ContentGems, founder of Animikii & YikeSite. Author, photographer, and family man. I tweet over @jeffio and e-mail from I also blog over at Svbtle→ Learn More

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Working From Home Again: 2 Years Later

I work from home because it allows me to spend as much time as possible with my family. That’s really important to me especially while the kids are young. Working from home gets me that extra time to invest into my family. Most days I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my kids. I’m also not commuting to an office...  → Read More

5 Lessons Kids Learn From Gardening

Now that summer’s here and my two boys are keen to get outside it seems like the perfect time for us to try some gardening at home. Many kids wouldn’t have a clue that peas come in clever little green ‘alien pods’ and may only have seen tomatoes at the grocery store. Gardening will allow kids to follow the progress...  → Read More

World Citizen on iTunes

OK, check it out. My brother Scott and I had a boy-band/dance/pop/electronic group in the late 90s (not kidding, I have proof) and we recently got all the tracks remastered for posterity’s sake (our kids are now our biggest fans!) and added 3 new unreleased tracks to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of our original self-titled album. Here is the...  → Read More

6 Examples of Screencasts I Created

YikeSite YikeSite is a hosted website content management system that web designers & developers can brand as their own and resell to their customers. I launched YikeSite in 2007 and last year we launched our reseller plan and this video: » Check out YikeSite ShareCam My friend Paul and I built ShareCam and launched this iPhone app over a series...  → Read More

Learning vs. Doing

photo: Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse by Bruce McKay, on Flickr As I get more years of experience under my belt running a business, I’m learning that productivity is invariably affected by the amount of personal/professional development I’m able to do. When I’m working, I can’t be reading books or blogs about business at the same time. That’s one of the...  → Read More

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